Wouter Van Hecke
Full Stack Developer Blockchain enthousiast

Full Stack Developer

Blockchain enthousiast


When it comes to frontend, my most defined area is the mobile framework React Native. I'm not particularly the design guru, but I love to expreriment with different techniques and libraries.

Beside React Native, I also have experience with React, HTML5, CSS3 combined with JS.

On the backend side, I've set up multiple microservices using expressJS. My mobile application What's next uses the Expo library to manage the push notifications set by the user.

Blockchain is finding its way more and more to the business world. The way to go at this moment for a private blockchain is Hyperledger fabric. We've used this technology to create a secure extra layer of data for the Flemish government.


My name is Wouter Van Hecke.
I'm a driven 21 year old junior developer, ready to learn! It's important to try different technologies and find what's really floats your boat. For me personally, that was blockchain technologies like Hyperledger and VeChain.


nOS Flip

Games like sudoku and minesweeper can be fun and relaxing. Why not combine the two? In this special game, you'll be looking to solve puzzles while trying to avoid boms. You can login using your nOS ID (better known as the crypto token NOS). You can check out the game when you press the title!

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VeChainThor Blockchain

I want to take this moment to introduce you to VeChain. This is public blockchain application platform that provides concepts like Multi-task transactions and Multi-party payments. VeChain focusses on enterprise adoptation and has some big partnerships like DNV-GL, PWC, LVMH, BYD and many more. Check them out at vechain.com